Why are deposits required?

Deposits are made to hold your place on my schedule. I have limited availability and deposits close that day/time off specially for you. For birth/fresh 48 sessions it guarentees i'll be in town and available for you on short notice. The deposit does go towards your session cost but under certain circumstances can be transferrable to a different session/day.

What happens if I miss the birth/delivery or you need a c-section?

I always try to make it in plenty of time for the special day but in the event you progress faster than I can get there and I miss the birth you would then get the option of a fresh 48 once I did arrive or another session or sessions of equal value.

With a C-section some Drs still allow a photographer so you'd still have the option of me being there to capture your first moments with baby. If you would prefer you will also  have the option of a session(s) of equal value.

How do payment plans work?

Capturing your special memories is very important to me and all apart of my mission/dream. My payment plan option allows everyone the ability to afford to have those special moments documented. Our children are only little so long and life goes way too fast! It's so important to have those memories. This option allows you to make payments on your session up until the time I deliver your images. All that's due upfront is the booking fee. Your images won't be given to you until the balance is paid but it's a great option for those who need a little extra time to pay.

How far in advance should you book a session?

I recommend booking your sessions as soon as possible. I have limited availability so for sessions that are time sensitive especially it's best to reserve your spot!

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